The client’s brief for this property was to provide five generous luxury townhouses. The architecture provides a contemporary interpretation of its traditional surroundings; use of a traditional black bricks mixed with render and matrix style paneling reflects this dichotomy of old and new.  

The site presented a number of challenges as it is an undersized isolated lot bounded by a residential apartment building and a local school plus has dual street frontages. Providing each individual  townhouse a personal street approach and maintaining visual and acoustical separation from the neighbours were paramount to the design process.

This development features five spacious, executive townhouses with a large underground basement carpark. The interior of each townhouse features oversized but well defined spaces, with a high standard of features and finishes. The roof form, the external finishes and features such as blade walls that hang from the sides of the building set a new design standard in Ku-ring-gai allowing the development to stand out amongst other townhouse and apartment developments in the area.
Construction commences 2013
Location Tryon Road, Lindfield, NSW
Municipality Ku-ring-gai Council
Planning LEP 194, DCP 55, State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) no. 65 – Design Quality of Residential Flat Development.
Keywords Multi-dwelling, multi-residential, townhouse, town centre.