Beat the change in legislation; City of Ryde Council

Beat the change in legislation; City of Ryde Council

We just obtained DA approval for  four (4) x 3+ bedroom dwellings on a site of 1,747sqm in Gladesville. The process took 3 months and 29 days from lodgement to Council approval.

The site presented a number of complex challenges including:

  • Bushfire buffer zone.
  • Steeply sloping site and working within the building and wall height controls.
  • Non-complaint street frontage.
  • Narrow lot layout and vehicle manoeuvring.
  • Dual occupancy site separation clause.
  • Significant trees in close proximity on adjoining sites.
  • Sewer main cutting through the middle of the site.
  • Significant  cut & fill.

The application was lodged to the City of Ryde Council as a three (3) stage application. Stage 1 the subdivision, Stage 2 the two front dwellings and Stage 3 the rear two dwellings.  The new DRAFT LEP 2013 increases the street frontage requirement from 15m to 20m therefore given our non-complaint lot width of 14.7m the property owner wasted no time in lodging the application under the current legislation.

If you have a similar site and are looking to develop it as dual occupancy (attached or detached) please don’t hesitate to call us to discuss how we can help you obtain a high yield in a short time frame.


View from the street.


View from the rear living space into the bushland