Another affordable housing SEPP development has been APPROVED!

Another affordable housing SEPP development has been APPROVED!

Last Thursday 29th May 2014 we obtained approval for a development application (DA) for the provision of twenty 2 bedroom units on a 3,200m² site in a low density residential area of Pennant Hills. The proposal at 16-18 Werona St Pennant Hills involves a basement car park with twenty car spaces and a lift to the ground floor level with five separate two storey residential flat buildings. Each building comprises four units compromising two units above and two units below with a total GFA of 1,885m² or an FSR of 0.59:1.

Whilst the site zoning definitions in Hornsby Shire Council municipality have now changed to prohibit this form of multi-dwelling housing in R2 low density zoned areas, we managed to lodge the DA just seven days before the revised legislation was gazetted and thankfully there was a savings provision allowing the DA to be assessed under the previous legislation. This form of development is still permissible in those Council areas which allow for multi-dwelling housing.
Under preliminary review, Hornsby Shire Council recommended the application to the Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) for approval in their assessment report despite sixty-one written objections to the application and a petition for refusal with two hundred and twenty-four signatures.
Whilst the submitted application complied with all of the numerical guidelines within the State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009; the majority of the proponents argued that the proposal was out of character with the area which wouldn’t therefore comply with Clause 30A: “A consent authority must not consent to development to which this Division applies unless it has taken into consideration whether the design of the development is compatible with the character of the local area’.
In response we argued that the existing site was easily capable of achieving  five single residential lots of 500m² with individual two storey dwellings on each lot.  These buildings would be in a similar location to the five residential flat buildings but also of similar character in bulk, scale and form not to mention materials and landscaped areas. This argument was ultimately accepted by the JRPP and they unanimously voted in favour to approve the application. This project was an excellent development outcome for our client.
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